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Aquarius EMR Patient Manager

Aquarius EMR is an electronic health record system designed and developed for the healthcare profession. It has been created with the collaboration of experts in the health sector. Aquarius EMR makes it easy for doctors and nurses to create and use electronic health records, as well as providing a range of tools that allow clerical staff to better control and manage their information.

Aquarius EMR is one of the first in the nation to earn ONC approval (stimulus qualified)), meaning that physicians using the Aquarius EMR can qualify for a government reimbursement of up to $65,000 over the next five years.

CCHIT Certification – Aquarius EMR has received the CCHIT Certification and is found to be 100% compliant with the certification criteria including functionality, interoperability, and security. The goals of CCHIT product certification are to reduce the risk of HIT investment by physicians and other providers; ensure interoperability of HIT products; enhance the availability of HIT adoption incentives from purchasers and payers; and protect the privacy of personal health information.

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Aquarius Patient Manager Features


The Aquarius EMR template system allows the flexibility to modify existing templates and create new ones based on the needs of the specific practice, allowing to cover most medical conditions and encounter needs.

Prescription System

Aquarius EMR's prescription system contains thousands of medications and allows creating prescriptions from the encounter or at any moment. Prescriptions can be printed in any format desired, from full page to small form.

Anatomical Images

Allows medical staff to take pictures of any body part of the patient and store them inside the patient's record.


Makes it easy for medical staff to create drawings based on existing templates. You can also import new image templates into the system and create empty drawings.

Vital Signs

Saves a historic record of all the vital signs of the patient and allows for the graphing of the values over time. Will also alert the user if incorrect data is entered.

Preventive Care

Provides the required information for the treatment of the patient depending on gender, age and sex, and saves a historic record of all preventive care services provided.

Statistics and Reporting Module

Allows generating specific reports from any data in the system. You could for example see how many patients are taking a specific medication, diagnostics by origin, most frequent diagnostics, among other things. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Electronic Super Bill

Provides a very simple to use electronic super bill for collecting service information. The super bill is completely customizable to meet your needs.

Document Management

Aquarius EMR contains an integrated document management system, which manages Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF documents. You can either import the documents to the patient's record or create them from Aquarius EMR using the built-in template system, which allows you to define pre-created templates and use them as documents. The document system also allows for the integration of digital signatures for any document.

ICD9 Coder

Helps medical staff select the right codes for the patient's condition, alerting them when a code should not be used because of billing reasons and suggesting which codes should be used. ICD9s and other codes are regularly updated by our automatic update system.

Scanning Module

Any type of patient document can be scanned into Aquarius EMR, from the insurance card, referrals and even past soap notes and records. All documents are scanned to PDF format and are compressed, saving disk space.

Scheduling Module

Fully featured scheduling module for storing your patient’s appointments. Easily manage your existing appointments with color coding for visit types and visit days. Pull patients from the calendar directly to the doctor, cancel a full day or a partial day and print the appointments for the day.

Interfaces and Integration

Aquarius EMR can interface with most major billing software packages available, including:

  • MedOne
  • MedicMax
  • Medical Biller
  • Visual Mass
  • MediSoft

If your billing software is not on this list, we can always develop an interface to your system.

Also Aquarius EMR can interface with other systems, including Laboratory Systems:

  • LabInfo

Security and Audit Trail

Integrated security modules monitors the systems user’s activities and blocks access to records or documents which the user is not allowed to see. Aquarius EMR also keeps a log of everything a user has done, from entering the system to erasing patient’s records or receipts.

Integrated Receipts Module

Our easy to use receipts system allows you to keep a hold on your daily cash income; it will tell you exactly how much money should be in your cash register at the end of the day. You can create receipts for anything, even if no claim is already created. At the end of the day, you can filter the receipts by user, provider, location and dates. The receipts are user friendly to the patient; you can give them a half page receipt with the details of what was paid, and also a statement including all the receipts that the patient has received. Aquarius EMR is also compatible with small paper receipt printers.


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