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Aquarius TouchChart

Reclaim the space now used for paper files and make files available instantly from any PC computer workstation on your network including remote locations (requires an internet connection). Eliminate storage facilities and searching for lost files and documents. Comply with HIPAA guidelines for disaster preparedness and security of Private Health Information.


Extremely Easy to Use

TouchChart was designed to be easy to use. The intuitive "chart like" retrieval interface looks like a typical paper folder. File sections are displayed as colored tabs on the screen. Tab labels can be customized to reflect your current filing structure. Sub-Tabs can be set up to further organize the chart. All controls are designed to be "Tablet Friendly" so a tablet PC can be used to access files without a keyboard.

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Simple Scanning System

TouchChart can be used with most popular scanners and multi-function devices (copiers that scan). When used with our AnyBar barcoding system, TouchChart can create barcoded index labels containing patient ID and file section that can be attached to the leading page of the patient's documents. When scanned, TouchChart reads the barcode and files the document in the correct file and section automatically!


Integrate With Your System

TouchChart can be integrated with most existing practice management systems or EMR systems. Pull in the doctor's schedule so the patients to be seen are ready to view. Create a "hot link" to allow a single click or keystroke to pull up the patient's chart in TouchChart ... right from your practice management system!


Files can be routed throughout the office using routing statuses that can be customized to your practice. Files can be marked for doctor review, nurse review, or routed to a file. Workflow enables you to gain control of the paper and the process!


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