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Document Management for Billing

No longer is it acceptable to have records, files and various electronic document types scattered all across the organization and network with little or no security applied. Productivity and service can be significantly impacted by inefficient access to documents. Effective records management has become an essential requirement for good corporate governance and financial reporting. Either by law or by internal policies, businesses and organizations are required to retain certain documents for predefined periods. An important part of records management is the ability to automate scheduled events on documents. Document types (e.g., contracts, email, etc.) are configured to have associated time-based actions so that when a set period has passed, documents may be archived or permanently deleted from the system.

The electronic document management systems (EDMS) offered by Practical Programs serve to address the stringent demands required by business today. Our products offer a broad feature set and the ability to configure the system to your organization’s specific business practices thus enabling a sound end-user experience.

Simply contact a Practical Programs Sales Representative for more information on the product options that are available.

Aquaruis DMS

Aquarius DMS is for use by businesses who wish to easily manage their scanned documents, photos, word processing documents, and virtually any electronic document. AQ-DMS stores documents for simple retrieval by their designated users via workstations, desktop or laptop computers. Municipalities, Legal, Real Estate, Health Professionals and more find the AQ-DMS solution the product of choice.  MORE... 

Aquaruis ASP

Aquarius ASP - Realize substantial savings and keep the value. With Aquarius Cloud there is no need to purchase software or hardware, no IT staff to maintain, no maintenance fees, and no backup procedures required. It’s that simple.  MORE... 

Dv Scan for Collect! is an integrated scanning add-on module that is specific to the Collect! software  MORE...


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