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Document Management for the
Engineering Sector

Dv TDM is widely used in the Engineering sector for management of project documents in all phases of design and construction. Dv TDM is well suited for the industry because it was designed around the management of CAD drawings and evolved into a tool that will manage all project documents including Office, PDF, email, as well as view over 200 file formats without the native application. Users of Dv TDM can issue drawings via the internet by assigning security protected logins or by automatically converting and transmitting documents via email. Many companies use FTP or an online system like Buzzsaw. The disadvantage of these methods is the high cost and the lack of an audit trail. With Dv TDM, all documents are stored on your servers and can be accessed via the internet. As a result, you pay for the software once and incur no storage fees.

Other features Engineering users find advantageous:

Dv TDM’s internal viewer will allow users to open most document types (including CAD) to view, print, and markup files without having the native application installed on their computer. This feature can be used in the desktop or the web version of Dv TDM.

Phasing of Documents
When multiple phases of construction are managed by one company, it is often necessary to use different numbering systems and repositories to distinguish between the documents at significant points in time. Entire projects can be frozen at a point in time, then duplicated and staged in an instant so they are ready for the next phase of design or construction.

Users can communicate changes and RFI’s via the desktop or the web by simply redlining the document from within the Dv TDM viewer without ever possessing the document or owning the native application.



Data Viewer - Total Document Management (Dv TDM) is a robust globally recognized solution for managing everything from day-to-day business documents to technical documents and drawings throughout their entire lifecycle. Dv TDM supports Microsoft Office documents (i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook) along with engineering documents/drawings such as AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, and many more.  MORE... 



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