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Document Management for the
Transportation Sector

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, industry certifications or simply enhancing your organization’s business processes are just some of the reasons why the transportation industry seeks better document management tools. The transportation industry has a wide variety of business documents ranging from Shipping/Receiving Notices, Signature and Tally Records, Commercial Bill of Lading, Freight Invoices, etc. Practical Programs offers electronic document management system (EDMS or DMS) products that not only enable more time efficient document gathering methods but industry proven management methods as well.

No longer do you need to have various files and document types scattered all across the organization and network with little or no security applied. If you have problems with document control or with managing documents throughout any part of their document lifecycle, then Practical Programs has a solution that will work for a wide variety of document types and address security needs across multiple departments. PPI has products in the Aquarius line that can meet your needs.

The Aquarius DMS handles a wide variety of document types and offers capabilities more suited for non CAD document types. It offers graphical workflows that can track lifecycle events, such as changes and approvals, along with generating email notifications at certain event points. Advanced implementations can integrate these solutions with your other systems, i.e., accounting, purchasing, mapping system, etc. to allow queries and document reviews by any number of indexing methods including geographic locations, latitude and longitude, layers and objects.

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Some of the more populare solutions are:


Data Viewer - Total Document Management (Dv TDM) is a robust globally recognized solution for managing everything from day-to-day business documents to technical documents and drawings throughout their entire lifecycle. Dv TDM supports Microsoft Office documents (i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook) along with engineering documents/drawings such as AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, and many more.  MORE... 

Dv Geospatial

Data Viewer - Geospatial (Dv Geospatial) is an add-on to Dv TDM that offers users a robust, location-based data management application, which provides fast, secure, and cost-saving access to your information asset base. It provides all the capabilities of an advanced Geographical Information System (GIS), while fully integrating with Dv TDM to supply an expanded set of record/document management tools. Dv Geospatial delivers an intuitive, map-based, enterprise wide Document, Drawing & Asset Management System, all in a single, highly-extensible interface.  MORE...


VisionStream is a location-based data management solution that solves the problem of information integration, management and access. VisionStream provides an information integration environment that empowers oil and gas engineers, management, operations, maintenance, legal and safety managers, by providing them with fast, convenient, and secure access to your information asset base..  MORE... 


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