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Document Management for the Veterinarian Industry

Practical Programs offers electronic document management solutions tailored to the veterinarian industry. Whether it be general Electronic Records Management (ERM), Electronic Medical Records Management (EMR), Physician Practice Management or Patient Records Management, we have the product suite and professionals to assist you. We understand the difficulties in evolving from your existing processes to newer methods that incorporate software and hardware technologies. Our professionals know how to assess the complexities of specific organizations, assist in the correct identification of your objectives and develop proven plans for success.

We offer feature-rich software products designed by Aquarius Imaging, Inc. We offer a multitude of services including file conversion, hosting services and integration with existing applications. We have products that are designed to provide veterinary providers a better way to more cost effectively manage patient files, forms, x-rays, film and other medical related documents and also meet the Veterinary Medical Board requirements to maintain legally defensible patient records for three years after the patient’s last visit.

Simply contact a Practical Programs Sales Representative for more information on the product options that are available.

Some of the more populare solutions are:

AQ Touch Cchart
TouchChart was designed for medical practices who want to move away from the hardcopy medical file records. It is extremely easy to use. The intuitive "chart like" retrieval interface looks like a typical paper folder. File sections are displayed as colored tabs on the screen. Tab labels can be configured to reflect your current filing structure. Sub-Tabs can be set up to further organize the chart. All controls are designed to be "Tablet Friendly" so a tablet PC can be used to access files without the need for a keyboard.  MORE... 

Aquarius EMR is a powerful Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System. It has been designed and created in collaboration with a number of notable experts in the health field. It is endorsed by the Doctor's Office Quality – Information Technology group (DOQ-IT), a national initiative promoting the adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and information technology in physician offices. It has received the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology certification (CCHIT). Powered by NeoMed  MORE... 

Web Scan is designed to be used by someone that is new to scanning documents. The simple, intuitive interface allows novice users to capture and transmit their work easily.  MORE...


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