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Document Management for Real Estate

Keeping track of the volumes of documentation that surrounds a sale or lease transaction can be a monumental effort. Maintaining master templates, tracking revision history, and keeping up with what the status of various document transactions can be very time consuming and filled with multiple opportunities for error. Practical Programs offers a variety of document management solutions for managing those files, records, documents and their associated lifecycle events. Tracking which documents have been received, their status, their distribution requirements, etc. is made easy with the feature-packed products from PPI.

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Some of the more populare solutions are:


Data Viewer - Total Document Management (Dv TDM) is a robust globally recognized solution for managing everything from day-to-day business documents to technical documents and drawings throughout their entire lifecycle. Dv TDM supports Microsoft Office documents (i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook) along with engineering documents/drawings such as AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, and many more.  MORE... 

Dv Office

Data Viewer - Office (Dv Office) is a scaled down version of the Dv TDM product. It provides all the common features of Dv TDM without the special features used by engineers related to CAD type files.  MORE... 



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