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Dv TDM Set to Take American Market by Storm

Practical Programs, Inc., of Houston has been formed to represent and support Dv TDM software in the American market as of January 2005.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 24, 2005 — With such an array of Document Management solutions on the market, Dv TDM (DataViewer Total Document Management) stands out in its ability to truly manage, not just view, e-mails, Word Documents, PDF’s, TIF’s, CAD files, and many other file types.

Now the software is available in the United States through Practical Programs, Inc., of Houston.

Dv TDM's document management is so advanced that it even includes the ability to locate and repair links to reference files in CAD documents. Dv TDM software provides companies with a single solution that completely meets their document and drawing management requirements in place of acquiring multiple solutions.

Dv TDM incorporates the automatic capturing of documents as they are created in the host application. E-mails, faxes, and other electronic media can also be automatically captured and indexed upon their arrival or departure from the company.

Dv TDM is also intelligent enough to group project documents in physical folders based on the project with which they are associated. Dv TDM also provides full content searching of CAD documents, Office documents, e-mails and their attachments.

In March 2004, Dv TDM received a “Highly Recommended” status from Multi-CAD magazine, which found it “to be a uniquely versatile and practical TDMS with easy applicability to situations ranging from very small networks and data volumes, to complex networks and nationwide or internationally distributed networks with huge data volumes.”

The magazine also noted Dv TDM to be “an outstandingly efficient and cost-effective system for managing data and the flow of work processes,” and “It pays for the cost of implementation and operation very quickly through the savings in lost time and error avoidance.”

Dv TDM is presently being marketed and utilized in 31 countries worldwide, and the phenomenal interest in this document management solution continues to grow.

About Practical Programs:
Practical Programs Pty Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Adelaide, South Australia. Clients of Practical Programs include Oxford University, GE Plastics, Hutchinson Telecom, and the Australian Department of Defense.

Practical Programs, Inc. is based in Houston, TX, and can be found at

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