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Dv TDM Fall 2011 Release


Welcome to the Fall 2011 Release of Dv TDM

Practical Programs ( announces new product update release for DvTDM.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November, 2011 -- Practical Programs is pleased to announce a new update of DataViewer Total Document Management (Dv TDM) and its accompanying add-on products.

Dv TDM is designed to allow users to regain control of information that's central to their workflow processes.  It includes the expertise and tools to better manage the creation, capture, organisation, storage, retrieval, manipulation and controlled circulation of drawings, CAD files and business documents.

"Most document management software developers claim they can manage drawings but what they really mean is that their software allows a drawing to be added to the database and access controls set," says Practical Programs CEO Richard Bates.

"Dv TDM's features far exceed these simple functions, and we are very proud of our latest version, which is giving our customers unprecedented control and efficiencies in their workflow processes and document management."


Richard Bates
Practical Programs Pty Ltd


New Dv TDM Fall 2011 Features

Below is a brief summary of the notable new features.

Dv SharePoint

Dv TDM now supports tighter integration with SharePoint.

Dv Geospatial

The Dv Geospatial add-on now supports a wider variety of options and capabilities to deliver a truly unique proposition for Oil & Gas users, namely GIS/TDM/SegY/LAS integration. Given DvGeo’s open framework, we also can (and have) integrated to other apps such as ERP.

Windows 7

Improvements for Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 (32 & 64 bit). Enhanced support for Vista/Windows Server 2008 UAC for Dv Service Manager & Dv Scheduler.

Updated Viewer

Additional file formats supported as well as raster xRef support. Added eDrawings 2010 & 2011 support. Support for Inventor View 2010, DWG TrueView 2010 and Oracle AutoVue 20 .

Dv Web

Improved integration with Internet Explorer 7, 8 & 9. Drag & Drop supported via proxies. GZIP compression support. Improved SSL support.

MS Office Integration

Attribute linking for Office 2007 files.

New Project Wizard

Dv TDM's new project wizard makes it easy to establish new projects and create options such as project name and number; select the members of the project and select the companies that will be part of the group to receive document transmittals; select a template to use for the project, the file naming convention and folder structure.

"Staff will see only the projects that they are part of," says Practical Programs Managing Director Richard Bates. "They will be able to search for other projects but the easy pull down selection list will show only the projects that apply to them."

Automatic Indexing of New Records

You can now schedule Dv to index new files automatically when they appear in one or more watched folders. The indexing can include intelligently indexing the file properties and file location to populate the metadata in the database. This is ideal for when you receive a large amount of files from an outside source. You no longer need to manually index the files.

New Transmittals

The new transmittals will show you a reduced list of potential recipients based on the project chosen. If no project is chosen you will be able to select from all potential recipients.

Knowledge Groups

You can now create knowledge groups of documents. Knowledge groups are a group of people that what to be informed about a set of documents. You can select a group of documents by tagging them and assigning a knowledge group name. You then assign people to be part of the knowledge group. Now whenever a document is added or modified the members of the knowledge group are automatically notified with an email with a hyperlink to the modified or additional document.

Office Integration

A new wizard makes it even easier to integrate with office. It allows greater flexibility in the way the integration works. You can create different types of integration for Word than say Excel.

AutoCAD Integration

A new wizard makes it even easier to integrate with AutoCAD. Now when new drawings are created in AutoCAD the can automatically be indexed and version controlled. The integration also ensures the correct template is used.



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