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EMail Indexer Tool by Practical Programs, Inc. Provides the Ability to Capture Every Project Email Automatically

Users of Dv TDM from Practical Programs can now use Dv Email Indexer to automatically import project specific e-mails into the document repository using project rules and/or a project specific e-mail address.

(PRWEB) November 7, 2007 -- With the release of Dv Email Indexer users of Dv TDM can now use a variety of configurable filtering methods to automatically import and route e-mails to a specific searchable record in Dv TDM (Practical Programs' core document management software) The e-mails and their associated attachments are indexed and stored in the document management system so they can be quickly retrieved by a variety of user search tools including content search.

Dv TDM users have always been able to store e-mails in the document management application but getting them classified and in the right place has now gotten a lot easier and more efficient. Storing e-mails in the application is necessary for two reasons.

1) All project data has to be stored in one place for efficient access and distribution. 2) Searching becomes instantaneous because e-mails and their associated attachments are indexed along with all other project documents.

Practical Programs representative Richard Bates said, "our goal is to help clients store all project information in one location so they do not have to look in multiple applications. The Dv Email Indexer is the final piece of the puzzle because even attachments can be indexed and users don't have to worry about adding emails to the system."

The Dv Email Indexer is an application that works seamlessly with the Dv TDM application. The system administrator sets up each project by assigning a project e-mail independent of any e-mail client or by setting up rules to route the emails. E-mails can also be routed to a very specific location so all project data can be stored in one location.

Practical Programs, Inc. is based in Houston, TX, and provides specialized tools related to the implementation of Engineering Document Management Systems.



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