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Practical Programs, Inc. (PPI) specializes in assisting you in determining the electronic records/document management products that meets your businesses requirements. Not every business has the same needs when it comes to records/document management. Your business should not have to alter your core business processes simply to satisfy the implementation of some new technology. You want software products that present best business process models for your consideration but also provide configurability to integrate your proven processes.

PPI not only offers a full range of industry proven products but has the professional service personnel to guide you through the proven steps to successful implementation. Whether you are a group of doctors looking for medical, health and/or patient electronic records management or an Architectural, Engineering or Construction firm looking for managing engineering (i.e., CAD) and all other project related documents electronically, PPI has the expertise you will come to appreciate.

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Document Management Solutions

Although all businesses generally need to maintain records, and many of those records are either paper or electronic, not all businesses have the same needs or requirements. That is why PPI offers a variety of software products that serve to meet the needs of a variety of professional and industry models.

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Integration Add-ons

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Add-on Utilities

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