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Dv TDM Quick Start Edition

Dv TDM Quick Start Edition starting at $9,949

There are many valid reasons for organizations to be in need of a document, file and/or records management system. It can be in order to comply with some industry or government regulation or industry specification, or simply to gain greater control over the vast amount of documents and files that need to be managed throughout their entire lifecycle including revision control.

Regardless of what the core reasons are, many organizations come to the realization that managing critical documents through their extended lifecycles is not sufficiently accomplished simply through directory structures within windows explorer and associated spreadsheets. These intermediate approaches become cumbersome and end up too often with multiple copies, versions and revisions of the same file everywhere except where you need it.

Often times an organization reaches a critical point where the need for an electronic document management system (EDMS) becomes urgent. This can be due to a project that is starting up that needs a fully functional EDMS solution accessible to both your employees and project partners.
Practical Programs offers the Data Viewer Total Document Management (Dv TDM) solution in a variety of pre-configured, industry specific versions so that implementation can be fast and easy.

If you are in need of a rapid deployment of an effective EDMS solution, and you can fit into one of our pre-configured industry specific versions, then the Dv TDM Quick Start Edition is for you. This Quick Start Edition comes complete with 3 concurrent licenses1, the complete, full featured Dv TDM system and 3 days of remote installation, configuration, and training2 on your company owned server3 for only $9949.00. It is easily expandable as your business needs change.

All of the functions and features contained in the Dv TDM system can be yours with little or no hassle by simply contacting a Practical Programs Sales representative today.

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1 3 concurrent licenses on average supports 12+ users based upon 1 to 4 average ratio.
2 Client must provide the necessary connections for remote access to their servers.
3 Options for off-site hosting via cloud services are available at an additional cost.

Included Functionality:

  • License pool - the 3 concurrent licenses can typically serve as many as 12 users. Additional licenses can be added at any time.
  • Document & Drawing Viewer - View over 200 document types without the need for the native document application being installed on the users’ computer.
  • Drawing Compare - Compare two drawing files using the over-lay feature.
  • Markup/Redlining - Create and view annotations on screen.
  • Check In - Return updated documents to the system.
  • Check Out - While a single user edits a file, other users can still view document and see who has control of the document.
  • Revision Control - Maintain a history of the documents.
  • Emailing - Email electronic links back to documents in the controlled repository or copies of the actual documents (if your permissions allow).
  • Transmittals - Create formal outbound transmittals to business partners complete with full auditing history.
  • Document Security - Control who can view, print, edit, etc. each document.
  • Bulk Importing - Import legacy files as well as new project packages.
  • Archiving - Export documents as well as the indexing metadata.
  • Workflow - Create process workflows with timing events. Useful for review and approval process, etc.
  • Knowledge Groups - Dv TDM can send alerts to users and groups when specific event triggers occur.
  • Plus, all of the other powerful Dv TDM features.


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