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Legacy Document Conversion & Management Services

Many organizations who are investigating better solutions to managing their documents must consider if that solution is going to also serve to handle their legacy documents/drawings and associated data. Some organizations choose to implement document management solutions for their business documents from a current time frame forward while others choose to include documents back in time. In either case, the introduction of a document management solution needs to effectively address your legacy documents and how the new solution will serve to complement the managing of both.

Practical Programs’ Professional Services Group can assist you in the determination of the value of including/excluding legacy documents from the implementation of a streamlined document management solution. If that decision is to exclude a portion or all of your legacy documents, then we can serve to provide you with proven methods for handling them to complement your online document repository. If that decision is to include a portion or all of your legacy documents, then we can serve to assist you in developing the proper importing methodology that maximizes the value of these documents.

PPI has a variety of software tools to greatly enhance the scanning or conversion and importing of legacy documents and their existing indexing and/or file categorizing data. Whether you need to have hardcopy documents scanned, extract documents and data from an outdated DMS tool, import from existing folder structures, or gather indexing information from intelligent coded filename structures, we have the means to streamline the operation. If your goal is to include legacy documents into the new DMS solution, PPI can ensure that those documents get imported and minimize the amount of manual indexing that needs to occur in order to ensure the legacy documents are easily retrievable. 

Proper consideration and organization of legacy documents in line with methods being incorporated within the document management solution will serve a multitude of favorable objectives.

Several of these are noted as follows: 

  • Ensure consistent user friendly search and retrieval methods
  • Save time
  • Satisfy compliance to internal and external regulations
  • Consolidate management of all documents



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