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Document Scanning and Indexing Services

We recognize that many organizations cannot begin to benefit from the use of document management tools unless they first have a proven plan for converting their existing hard copy documents, drawings, records etc. from paper to electronic form. Many organizations attempt this only to fall short because they fail to adequately address all the aspects that can ultimately be associated with it. You must first determine the appropriate scan settings and procedures that ensure proper reproduction, file naming, indexing etc. which all play a key role in the ability to easily and successfully retrieve the documents when needed.


We offer a full spectrum of document scanning and indexing services which can be performed on-site or at one of our scanning offices.


Many business documents that are in use today originate in electronic form and remain in that form throughout their entire document lifecycle. Some documents/drawings originate and/or are produced to hardcopy throughout their lifecycle for various business reasons.


Practical Programs has software scanning solutions available to address any business need. With our knowledge and experience in total all things document management we serve to provide the most comprehensive range of scanning capabilities possible. that These include:

  1. Document scanning
  2. Drawing scanning or ‘large format’ scanning
  3. Microfilm scanning
  4. Specialized Accounts Payable scanning solutions
  5. Specialized Proof of Delivery scanning solutions
  6. Specialized Remittance Processing scanning solutions
  7. Forms processing
  8. OCR conversion
  9. Indexing, Categorization, etc.
  10. Importing

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