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Dv TDM SharePoint Integration Services

Dv SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration

Why would I need Dv TDM if I have SharePoint?

Dv SharePoint is an add-on for Dv TDM that integrates Dv TDM into MS SharePoint as a searchable collection. It allows SharePoint users to optionally include the Dv TDM managed documents in the search results queried from SharePoint. The Dv TDM documents that meet the search criteria will be displayed in the SharePoint search results page with a Dv TDM icon indicating to the user that the document is a Dv TDM managed document. The user can then select the Dv TDM document and SharePoint will launch Dv Web (and optionally automatically login the user) then present the specific document the user selected. The user can then act on the document within Dv Web with all the features of Dv TDM assigned to them.

Microsoft SharePoint has become a vital tool for many organizations that need increased sharing and collaboration of vital business information. No doubt SharePoint collaboration software provides a simplified means for content management, search, and sharing of business information across a wide range of resource points. However, SharePoint has limited abilities to manage documents at the actual document level. It also lacks the ability to support real business case document life cycle events or advanced distribution methods. Additionally, SharePoint does not have the ability to control the directory location of the document library which then limits the effectiveness of managing CAD files that depend on other associated files i.e. Reference file, xRefs etc.. This can be especially problematic for organizations that require the management of document files from their inception and all the way through to archiving. The engineering field is one such industry that requires their documents and drawings to be tightly managed along with the many associated subset of files.

Due to these known limitations of SharePoint, Practical Programs, Inc. (PPI) set out to ensure their highly functional electronic document management application (Dv TDM) could integrate fully within SharePoint and thus provide organizations the power of a true EDMS while being integrated within SharePoint. With this integration element we have combined the power of Dv TDM with Microsoft SharePoint. The integration of Dv TDM with Microsoft SharePoint serves to enhance your document management capabilities and serve to leverage the project collaboration features of SharePoint with the enhanced document management strengths of Dv TDM.

Sample Screen Shots


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Example Network Diagram


Dv SharePoint Technical Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (32 or 64 bit) using MSSQL 2005 or 2008 required
  • MS SharePoint MOSS capable edition 2007 or 2010
  • SharePoint BDC (Business Data Catalog) Note: does not work with WSS editions
  • Dv TDM 2010 with Dv Web option (does not work with Dv TDM v11 or older)

Demonstration video


Press Release: Practical Programs Integrates CAD Document Management with Microsoft SharePoint


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