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Hosting Solutions


We offer managed hosted solutions for any product we carry providing access through any combination of:
  • Remote Desktop
  • Citrix
  • Internet Explorer

Cost Effectiveness – Hosted services requires no up front capital investment, and a hosted solution reduces or eliminates the costs associated with an onsite network. By taking advantage of the economies of scale, we can offer this service at a lower cost than most in-house solutions with availability and security that are as good or better.

Some of the benefits include:

    • Instant solutions for data backup, data redundancy, and disaster recovery.
    • Documents and applications are always available from any location in the world without changing your current network environment.
    • Print, view, and manage documents just like they were on your local network.
    • Data and associated documents can be exported by client on demand.
    • Connectivity and hosting supplied by tier-one providers.
    • Citrix technology.
    • Rapid deployment without purchasing hardware or altering your IT infrastructure.
    • Dedicated server environment.
    • Positions you for satisfying various compliance standards, i.e., HIPAA, etc.

    Flexibility - Clients don’t give up control of their content or the solution. With the hosting configuration tool, authorized system administrators can make changes to the system including adding users or document types, scheduling actions and assigning security rights. A hosting solution can also be brought in-house. Services are available to ensure the process goes smoothly and the onsite infrastructure is appropriate. Hosting solutions can be tailored to the needs of individual users to maximize efficiency.

    Reliability and Risk Reduction - Hosted by tier-one service providers, the hosted solution adheres to the highest standards for uptime, security and availability. By providing dependable web-based access, hosting supports disaster recovery procedures and prevents new software from disrupting an organization’s existing environment.

    Rapid Deployment - Because the network infrastructure is already in place, a hosted solution can be deployed more quickly than a traditional local system. Users across the world can be using PPI products in a matter of days, instead of the weeks or months required to deploy local solutions. The expansion of an in-house solution may be limited by infrastructure or the availability of IT resources, but a hosted solution is dynamic and scalable, able to grow as fast as an organization requires.

    Complements Existing Solutions - The hosted solution is designed to enhance an organization’s technology investments, not displace them, as the hosted solution leverages the same integration technologies. Images and indexes from legacy document imaging solutions can be consolidated using the Document Import utility, synching folders, FTP, and other solutions.


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