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Document Management Integration Add-ons

Practical Programs, Inc. offers a variety of Document Management integration Add-ons to meet the broad spectrum of requirements found in the global market today. All of PPI’s document management products are packed with all the core functional components necessary for controlling and managing business documents. Many companies desire to go beyond simply controlling and managing their documents. They want to integrate our products to other aspects of their software environments. PPI has developed integration add-ons that serve to broaden the value and functionality of our products across your entire organization.

Dv Web
Data Viewer - Web (Dv Web) is an add-on module that allows users to access Dv TDM though Internet Explorer, a web browser window (thin client) instead of from a desktop computer with Dv TDM installed (thick client).  MORE... 

Dv SharePoint

Data Viewer - SharePoint Integration (Dv SharePoint) is an add-on for Dv TDM that integrates Dv TDM into MS SharePoint as a searchable collection. It allows SharePoint users to optionally include the Dv TDM managed documents in the search results queried from SharePoint.  MORE... 

Dv Geospatial

Data Viewer - Geospatial (Dv Geospatial) is an add-on to Dv TDM that offers users a robust, location-based data management application, which provides fast, secure, and cost-saving access to your information asset base. It provides all the capabilities of an advanced Geographical Information System (GIS), while fully integrating with Dv TDM to supply an expanded set of record/document management tools. Dv Geospatial delivers an intuitive, map-based, enterprise wide Document, Drawing & Asset Management System, all in a single, highly-extensible interface.  MORE...

Dv NAV is an integration add-on for Dv TDM that allows bi-directional document manipulation with MS Navision and Dv TDM. MORE...



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